I Am Quite Excited About Sleater Kinney

It’s been a pretty good week here in Lipstick Lamarrland.

He thinks I've been too complainy recently, apparently.  via http://indiewithabindi.tumblr.com

He thinks I’ve been too complainy recently, apparently. Whatever, Joey Ramone. I’m so positive I disgust myself. via http://indiewithabindi.tumblr.com

I mean, not only did Sleater Kinney reunite – AND they put out a single – AND they have an album coming out – BUT Patrick and I have tickets to see them in February! And, really, this was no mean feat. Presale tickets sold out in less than five minutes, and general sale tickets were gone in 30 seconds. The band added a second night for our area, and that sold out almost immediately as well. There are a LOT of people who are very excited about this. I can see why…the single is pretty awesome.

Full disclosure: I became a Sleater Kinney fan in the early 2000s, after reading The Princess Diaries books by Meg Cabot. I am SO PUNK ROCK, you guys.

Even though I am completely elated to have scored tickets to the show, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic for the days when you had to camp out to get tickets to shows. I mean, I never actually did it – buying tickets online was de riguer by the time I was old enough to go to shows, and before that you got your mom to call up with a credit card – but it always seemed like a great way to get some STORIES.  I shall demonstrate, with some help from Rock ‘n’ Roll High School:

You’d set up your camp:

You’d get to know the people next to you in line. Like, maybe some guy named Steve, who drove up from Florida. In his van.

Steve’s been on every stop of the tour. He tells you all about how he “ran into a little trouble with some gone over pork barbecue down Georgia way. Had to pass a tapeworm right quick. Turned out ok in the end though – Enquirer was real interested.” When he’s not following bands in his van and battling tapeworms, Steve runs a snake farm in Florida. He offers you a free snake if you’re “ever down to Zolfo Springs.”

You are first in line. It is a Big. Freaking. Deal.

You have your tickets! Real, actual tickets, and not a printout from Ticketmaster that has about twenty dubious sounding fees and surcharges listed on it!

And, there is always a (very) outside chance that the band themselves might show up.

And maybe they’ll inexplicably fling some chicken around.

See? That’s a great story! You’d drink for free for YEARS on that story! You couldn’t do that with a ticket buying story from the New Millennium – your saga about getting kicked off of the website 15 seconds before ticket sales opened and then finally getting into the queue, only to discover that the amount of tickets you had in your basket (two) “exceeded availability” when you went to check out may actually bore all of your friends to drink, but it won’t score you one.

So yes, I am thrilled to have Sleater Kinney tickets. I am less thrilled that the most exciting thing I can say about their procurement is “Patrick is really quite good at hitting ‘refresh.'”

Something else tremendously exciting happened to me today as well. So exciting, in fact, that I am probably going to have to make a video about it. You guys should have buckets or something ready to catch the fallout when I BLOW YOUR MINDS. Stay tuned.


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